Systems and equipment


Sound system for sports events

The sound system provides general sound services for sports events, exhibitions, opening ceremonies and other events. The system ensures suitable sound pressure (min. 106dB) and good intelligibility (STI=min. 0.5), so it can provide comprehensible information even during events with high noise levels of the audience.

Information sound system

The information sound system covers the whole building and - in case of emergency - ensures the announcement of information and evacuation texts. There are speakers in the public spaces, staircases, corridors, the offices and the car parks, with the type depending on the acoustic and architectural features (fitting on the suspended ceiling, the wall, cone speaker, etc.), and the full system is divided into 15 zones. Voice announcements are enabled by the microphone consoles, which also allow for the operation of the system (announcement for zones, remote start of messages, volume control, source selection, etc.).

Mobile Led panel

The hall is fitted with the high-quality, world-wide acknowledged led panels of the American Lighthouse. In the Veszprém Aréna a 12,5mm pixel mobile led panel (4,8m x 3m) of 12 elements was installed, which is the most frequently used size, but the panels allow for the use of any rectangular shape without limitations. Naturally, these LED elements can also be used as advertising strips by the arena. Lengthened with rented elements, the full length can be utilised.
Note: the horizontal hood between the led rows is made of rubber; therefore it does not endanger sportspeople even if used by the side of the arena.

Mobile concert sound system - Meyer Sound

A complex, high-quality sound system was created with the speaker system of Meyer Sound for the events of Veszprém Aréna. The system allows for the sound technique implementation of concerts, conferences and events organised in Veszprém Aréna. Precisely planned with the stage located in the length and across the hall, the sound system gives a steady sound in the whole area.

Meyer Sound MILO sound system

The stadium was fitted with a Meyer Sound MILO system with Meyer Sound 700HP subwoofers. This is a line array type system which easily ensures steady coverage in the stadium, both near the stage and in farther parts of the stadium. Due to the line array technology, there is less reflection from the walls since the system is more easily controlled. Without the need for delay speakers, it provides suitable sound pressure and intelligibility.
The system is controlled through the Meyer Sound Galileo digital processor.
Used equipment:

Name Amount
Meyer Sound MILO 14
Meyer Sound 700HP 8
Meyer Sound MILO120 2
Meyer Sound Galileo 1

Narrow coverage sound system

The task of the narrow coverage sound system is to ensure suitable acoustic image in areas near the stage, where the main sound system does not operate. This is provided by the Meyer Sound CQ-1 and UPA-1P speakers.
Used equipment:

Name Amount
Meyer Sound UPA-1P 2
Meyer Sound CQ-1 2


The system is controlled through the Meyer Sound Galileo processor, which can control the sections of the line array system, the subwoofers, the outfills and the frontfill can be managed and set individually. This is a 6 input and 16 output digital processor. Apart from general options, you can also find different array corrections and atmospheric corrections. You can store and find our settings. In the case of different applications, if the speaker system is arranged in a different way, the system can be managed with different settings for various applications.

System monitoring

Monitoring is performed through the Meyer Sound RMS software. This is a PC-based programme, which communicates with the speakers via a joint through industrial standard communication. This way it delivers information about the status of the speakers, the amplifier voltages and voltage drops, the temperature of the amplifiers, the cooling and the status of the limiters. The remote monitoring RMS card is included in MILO and M'elodie speakers.

Mixing consoles

The 48-channel classic Soundcraft MH3 type is installed as a front mixing console. As the analogue console ensuring the best quality, this can provide for several bands at the same time.

The 48-channel classic Soundcraft MH2 type is installed as a monitor mixing console.

Signal systems

The necessary signals are sent back from the mixing console to the stage through a 100m long 20 fibre cable and the communication of the RMS monitoring system. A 16-fibre cable is installed from one side of the stage to the other.

In the case of Soundcraft mixing consoles, the sign of the microphones is transmitted from the stage to the mixing console through a 100m-long 48-channel cable. Cabling the remote monitoring system also happens through starpoint topology, via a simple 2 fibre cable with the help of special connectors provided by Meyer Sound.


  • Type: 2-way monitor speaker
  • Frequency range (±3dB): 70Hz-20kHz
  • Vertical coverage angle (-6dB): 50°
  • Performance: 800W continuous, 1600W peak

Projectors And Screens

Sanyo PLC-XF47L (15000 ANSI lumen) (1pc), Stumpfl Vario Monoblox 64 (5x4m kijelző) (1pcs)

Power amplifiers

Power amplifiers are appliances that possess protection against overheating via active cooling. The speakers have to be protected against switch impulses. For the sake of the mobility of the system, it is necessary to use particularly light final amplifiers, installed in a mobile rack required by the application and fitted with a quick connection panel.

Amplifiers of monitor speakers

Crown XS1200 (6pcs), JBL SRX712M (12pcs), JBL SRX718S (2pcs), Crown XS1200 (6pcs), dbx DriveRack PA (1pc)


  • Frequency range (1W, 20Hz-20kHz): max. ±0.3dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: >97dB
  • Common-mode rejection ratio: >=50dB
  • Voltage amplification: min. 32dB

Effect-rack equipment

Further accessories are necessary by the mixing console. These can be grouped as players and recorders, effect and dynamics processor equipment.

Effect processors

Name Volume
Lexicon PCM81 Digital Effects Processor 1
TC M3000 Reverb Processor 1
TC D TWO Multitap Rhythm Delay 1
Yamaha SPX2000 Digital Multi-effects Processor 1
Drawmer DS201 dual gates 4
Drawmer DS401 quad gate 1
dbx 1066 dual compressors, limiters 5
dbx 1046 quad compressor 1
Klark Teknik DN360 1
dbx 2231 EQs 4


Name Description Volume
Shure SM57 General instrument microphone 8
Shure BETA58 Vocal microphone 8
AKG C451B Condenser microphone 2
Audix D6 Kick drum microphone 2
Audix i5   1
Audix D2   2
Audix D4   1
Audix SCX1-C   2
Audix SCX1-HC   1
Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun microphone 2
ULX2/BETA58 kéziadó, ULXP4 vevő Wireless microphone 4

Wireless microphones

ULX2/BETA58 (4pcs)

TASCAM - playback units

1pc. Tascam CD-01U Pro: professional CD player, balanced in/outputs, AES/EBU, parallel control
1pc. Tascam MD350: professional Mini Disk recorder/player/editor, balanced in/outputs, with remote control
6 pc. Klark Teknik Square ONE Splitters
10 pc. BSS AR133 DI Boxes

Dimmer appliances

Dimmer units (10pcs.)
The light dimming of the stage lighting is performed through 12-circuit digital dimmer units, which receive instructions from the dimmer console via a DMX line. There are furthermore 3 DMX splitter, repeater and opto isolators.

Dimmer console: MA Light
The dimmer console, which controls the dimmer units, the intelligent lamps and the effect equipment are easy to use.
The digital dimmer console is characterised by the following functions and accessories:

  • 2048 channels
  • 4 DMX output, 2 DMX input
  • ethernet adapter
  • dual processor system
  • 1 pc. built-in TFT touch screen
  • 3 pcs. external SVGA output
  • 10 motor-operated traction machine
  • 5 parameter wheel
  • 1 moving ball

Light fittings and accessories
PAR64 light fitting with 1000W bulbs (48 pcs.)
ETC Source Four Zoom: Zoom profile projector in cast aluminium case, 750W performance, 25-50° field angle, condenser optics, gobo holder, 4 pc. set.
DTS Scena 2000 PC: PC lens spotlight, 9-70 degree endless screw field angle adjustment, 2000W performance, with 1 pc. 2000W/G22 light source, metal colour filter frame and protection grill.
DTS Scena 1000 PC: PC lens spotlight, 8-60 degree endless screw field angle adjustment, 1000W performance, with 1 pc. 1000W/Gx 9.5 light source, metal colour filter frame and protection grill, four-ply light deflector.
Spotlight Domino 4*1000: 4x1000W horizontally fixed horizont lamp with 4 pcs. 1000W/R7s light source and colour filter frame.
Work Floodlight Sym 1000: 1000W light with 1 pc. 1000W/R7s light source, colour filter frame and 4-part baffle.

Clay Paky Alpha Spot 700 intelligent lamp (8pcs.)
Clay Paky Alpha Wash Easy 1200 intelligent lamp: with colour wheel (8pcs.)
8 pc Clay Paky Alpha Wash Easy 1200 moving heads
8 pc Clay Paky Alpha Spot 700 moving heads
48 pc DTS PAR64 1000W lamps
8 pc ETC Source Four Zoom 750W profil lamps
8 pc DTS Scena 2000 PC lamps
16 pc DTS Scena 1000 PC lamps
4 pc Spotlight Domino 4x1000 horizont lamps
4 pc Work Floodlight Sym 1000 lamps
2 pc Spotlight Vedette 25M HR 2500W followspots
2 pc Look Unique 2 hazers
2 pc DTS Fog FX5 fog machines
1 pc MA Lighting GrandMA light
10 pc PLS Pegasus PRO 12-H2 12x2,5kW dimmers

Stage technology accessories
DTS Fog FX5: fog machine, 2kW heat output. Analogue/DMX control (2 pcs.) Look Unique Hazer,K (2 pcs.)
Spotlight Vedette 25M HR follow spot, 2500W, 6 colours, iris, 2500W dimmer, with 1 pc. HMI 2500W/G38 metal halogen light source, condenser optics, iris (100% closure), mechanical black out, gobo holder, with light fitting, hot restrike version.

Stage Volume
NivoFlex Event mobile platforms (2x1m) 96
110-160cm variable foot 384
60cm foot 60

Chain hoists and bridge elements

Chain hoists Volume
Chain Master BGV-D8 1000kg 16
Chani Master BGV-D8 250kg 12
ChaniMaster láncos emelő, 10kN teherbírás, 4m/perc emelési sebesség, 24m lánc 10
8 csatornás motor vezérlő 2
motor kábel 20m 16
motor kábel 10m 16
Bridge elements  
Alur-Solutions 4K-30 3m 19
TOM-CAT vízszintes hídelem 240cm 20
TOM-CAT vízszintes hídelem 160cm 12